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When we have been called to collaborate with Downtown Properties Real Estate we had to deal with a major crisis in the company. The 3 partners decided to be separate so our client, one of the partners, had to rename the Real Estate Company. We have successfully managed to make an efficient rebranding, so our client did not lose any of his clients.


A main part of the Rebranding was the New Name and Logo. After hours of talking with our client, we caught up with the name ``Downtown Properties Real Estate``. The Logo we created is representing exactly our client's dynamic and purpose. We chose the color red because we wanted to highlight our client's strength and passion as a company.

Google Ads - Branding

After the establishment of the New Logo, we had to represent the company in the market without losing its past strength and clients. In collaboration with our client, we contacted a strategic marketing plan for Google Ads. We set up a very strong Branding and Display Campaign across the market of Greece and Libanon, and we succeed.


Except for the new logo we designed and created a new website for Downtown Properties Real Estate. We chose a minimal template that represents clearly the list with the available properties and boosts the client's work. The new site is easily navigated by users who are looking for available properties, and we made it responsive on any device.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Downtown Properties Real Estate is one of the best and oldest Real Estate Agencies in Athens. When we first start working with the company we had to face a difficult situation. The Real Estate Agency needed to reintroduce herself to the market with a brand new name and Logo. We faced a real challenge since we needed something strong and appropriate for our client.

In cooperation with our client, we conducted a beneficial marketing plan for them. The parts of the plan were: Rebranding – Logo – Google Ads – New Website and Email Marketing. We worked hard on the project and we succeed. Our client has been established again in the market without losing any of his past glory.


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