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Google Ads

Our main goal in the Google Ads Strategy for the Company ``Karagiannakis`` was to establish again the Brand in the field of prefabricated houses in Greece. We set up a strong Brand Campaign, highlighting the company's qualities. Moreover, we set up a Display Remarketing Campaign, using high-quality photos from the company's completed projects. Within 2 months from the time we set up the campaigns the results were obvious to the client, as long as he had new contacts and clients.

Social Media

One of the main parts of the digital strategy for Karaggianakis Company is Social Media Marketing. We used Social Media not only to promote the Brand but also to strengthen the company's interaction with the community and potential customers.
We choose to use high-quality images of complete projects combined with formal language. We focused on gaining people's trust and show the image of a serious and experienced company.

3D Mockups

In collaboration with our client, we decided to make 3D Mock-ups of complete and future projects of the company, in order to show company's dynamic. 3D Mock-ups are ideal for people who want to have a picture of their house before the construction even begins. We use the 3D Creations as assets in the Display Campaign of Google Ads. Our graphic designers' team is making high-quality 3D Mock-ups for the Company highlighting the important parts of every construction.


In collaboration with our client, we decided to design and create a new website. We chose a powerful template for the new website which will represent the dynamic of the company and will highlight the professionalism of it. In order to accomplish our goals, we used high-quality photos on the new website and of course the appropriate content and powerful colors, such as red and black. Our professional copywriters wrote SEO conducted content, which will increase the organic search.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Karagiannakis Company is one of the best and oldest companies in the field of prefabricated houses in Greece. The Situation we had to face when we start working with the project was to re-establish the brand in the market. In collaboration with our client, we set up a tailor-made digital marketing strategy in order to accomplish our goals.

With the design of the new website, the advertising of the Business on Google Ads, and the promotion of it through Social Media, we try to engage more people with the company and of course to bring more potential clients to interact with them.


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Karagiannakis Prefabricated Houses


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