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In collaboration with our client, we decided to design a new website. We chose a minimal template which will represent the calmness of the psychology office and will highlight the professionalism of it. Our professional copywriters wrote SEO conducted content, which will increase the organic search.


With our SEO strategy and the appropriate collection of data, we have made an overall optimization of the website. We adapted the categorization of the website, developed meta tags, proceeded to technical SEO audit & created unique content which Ranks on the firts pages of Google.

Logo Creation

A good logo is immediately recognizable, reflects your brand’s message, and makes you stand out. An effective logo looks professional and seamlessly fits in with a brand’s identity. For the client's logo, we chose a minimal font. We chose the black color for a sleek, modern, and luxurious look.

Newsletter Strategy

We created an effective Newsletter strategy for our client. Our goal was to target the audience who signed up in the newsletter at the new website and provide them with psychological articles that could help them. The newsletter strategy helped the client gain more prospects and new contacts.

Digital Marketing Strategy

George Kountouras is a young psychologist who recently opened his own office. He turned to us because he wanted to create his own website and logo.

We created his professional website emphasizing in the blog content for psychology.

We also created a social media campaign in which he offered free psychological support to people who really needed it during the pandemic of COVID.

Lastly, we designed and created the logo of his name following a minimal structure.


Thessaloniki, Greece


George Kountouras Psychologist


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