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E-Shop Development

E-Shop Development

The construction of E-shop is the most necessary online presence of a modern commercial enterprise. With a properly designed E-shop your market leaves your physical location and is transported to the whole world.

The secret of success in the construction and operation of an online store, is its coordinated implementation and promotion. Our team consists of experienced and certified professionals.

We can build your own dynamic E-Shop and equip it with the most advanced features and services. At Webout we undertake the construction and promotion of E-Shop with the main axis of increasing sales.

We have developed and designed for you a complete package for the construction of your online store.

We have developed and designed for you a complete package for the construction of your online store.

1. Automatic import of products from Excel or other database

If you have already registered your products in Excel or another database, you will not need to go through them again one by one in the e-shop. The codes will be entered automatically.



2. Search engine with multiple Ajax filters.

Filters allow the user to quickly find products based on the criteria he is interested in (material, size, manufacturer, price range, etc.)



3. E-shop construction with Front-End Optimization

In the context of web services, the term “front end” refers to the interaction between your site and a visitor’s browser. Front Page Optimization (FEO), also known as content optimization, is the process of customizing your site to make it more browser friendly and load faster.
In general, “FEO” focuses on reducing file sizes and minimizing the number of requests required to load a given page.



4. Checkout Process

Αφού οπιστης εστίας σίγουρα ένα προσεκτικά στο χώρο του, να το κάνω ναδιαρώσει την παραγγελία του προσεγγίσεως του και του. Πριν το μετανιώσει. Λοιπόν, δεν χρειάζεται να είναι η ενδιάμεσος ξενιστή, απαιτούμενοι, να κάνω, να αναφέρω στην απόστασηή της οθόνης.
Στη Διαδικτυακή Διαδίκτυο προσεκτικά στο ευκολία της γυναίκας και των πληροφοριών που απαιτούνται για τα στοιχεία που απαιτούνται για τα ηλεκτρονικά καταστήματα για κάθε φορά που χρησιμοποιούμε σε κάθε σελίδα σε σελίδες (OnePageCheckout).

At checkout every detail makes a difference.
Although each e-shop has different needs and its users respond differently, we start from a high level of performance based on previous experience and improve it in the long run by testing and measuring what performs best.



5. Usability Testing

Usability testing is a very powerful tool that can reveal how the end users view the site.

Through Usability Testing you will have already made your online store more user friendly and more profitable for you, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate.


6. E-shop connection with Google Analytics

By connecting the e-shop with GoogleAnalytics and passing in it the sales data (turnover, number of orders, products sold), we have the ability to analyze and optimize e-shop sales by traffic source, by campaign, by keyword etc.
At Webout, as Google Partners, we have the experience and training to advise you and guide you in the right direction to increase your online store sales.



6. Hosting on fast and reliable servers

No matter how good your e-shop is, no matter how good your products are, if the server that hosts your online store does not work continuously and properly, you lose customers.
At Webout we host your website on a fast Cloud server.


6. Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

The appearance of your e-shop “high” in the search engine results brings free visitors. Receiving from Webout your e-shop will already be optimized for search engines.

With the SEO mechanisms we have developed, your online store will automatically optimize the content that you will enter during its operation (new products, new product categories). This way you will consistently achieve the best possible ranking.



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