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E-Shop Upgrade

After meeting with our client and documenting the needs of his business, we jointly decided on the need to upgrade the Cava Arion E-shop. The existing site was built on WordPress CMS providing limited options to our client. Our experienced team upgraded the E-shop to an Opencart.
Our main concern was the preservation of all information of the old E-shop, we pulled from it all the products and categories so that our client would not lose any existing information.

Custom Design UI | UX

The Design of the new Cava Arion's E-shop was designed from scratch based on the new needs and the corporate strategy of our client. We defined the main elements, structure, and functions of the new e-shop of Cava Arion by creating a sitemap. The experienced team of Webout's web designers made sure that all the interface touchpoints used in browsing the new site have the right aesthetics and layout on the website are self-evident, and create a pleasant, and effective user experience.

ERP Integration

We proceeded to create a bridge for the integration of the Cava Arion online store with ERP. In short, we have fully automated the functions of our client's e-shop, giving him the ability to always maintain control of his E-shop by receiving real-time information and reports on its performance.
At the same time, through the ERP bridge, the data of the e-shop are automatically updated, so that the e-shop customers are able to know at any time the stocks and the availability of the products.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Cava Arion was founded in 2004 and until today offers its customers a wide range of fine wines and drinks as well as gourmet side snacks.
We focused on upgrading the company’s e-shop in order to meet its needs and better serve its customers. Now, Cava Arion has an elegant custom-designed website, easy to navigate, where the customers quickly find what they are looking for.


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