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Custom Design

After long discussions with our client and after recording all the elements of Caviar Cream's brand image, we came up with the creation of a custom shop that embodies the genuine luxury and the modern ideas that make Caviar Cream the brand it is. We decided together with our client to create the website from scratch and not rely on existing templates. By doing so our customer's needs are not restricted, and we are able to make any change at any time needed.


We created a sitemap for our client, in order to determine the main features, the basic structure and the functions of Caviar Cream's new website.
The team of professional UX Designers of Webout made sure that all user interface touch points, such as buttons, texts, contact forms, slides and banners create the right aesthetics and the appropriate format for the site.
In this way, our team ensured the easy and pleasant user experience during the users' journey on the e-shop.

Responsive Design

Now, more than 90% of the users woldwide use their mobile phones to browse the internet and make their online purchases. In addition, today, responsive design is essential for the organic ranking of the website in search engines (SEO) as well. We have created for Caviar Cream a custom e-shop, friendly to all devices, so that our client is available where his audience is, while strengthening the organic presence of Caviar Cream on Google Search Results.

Erp Integration

We connected the e-shop of Caviar Cream with the ERP bridge that our client cooperates with.
Thus, we automated the functions of Caviar Cream's e-shop in order our client to always provide its audience with up-to-date data on products' stock and availability. In addition, with the ERP bridge, Caviar Cream has now a clear picture of its online store, as it receives essential information and reports about its performance in real time.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Caviar Cream is a fast-growing company, active in the field of Streetwear Clothing. Our collaboration focused on creating a Custom, Responsive Website so that the user has a fulfilling, unique experience that can only be found in Caviar Cream.
From the beginning of our cooperation, we listened to the needs of our client to give to the company’s digital presence the modern and elegant aesthetics that Caviar Cream represents in the fashion industry.


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