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When we first started our collaboration with Downtown Properties Real Estate, we had to deal with a major change in the company. The company was in a rebranding phase. Following a well-organized strategy we managed to effectively Rebrand the company in order for our client to remainain the stability and history of his company in the industry.


A key part of the company's Rebranding was the delivery of a new name and logo. After an extensive discussion with our client, we came up with the brand name ``Downtown Properties Real Estate``. The logo we designed represents the strong brand personality and purpose. We chose the red color to highlight the power and passion of our client as a company.

Google Ads - Branding

After the new logo was created, we advertised the company in the market without losing the existing status and customers of the brand. In collaboration with our client, we came up with a strategic marketing plan for Google Ads. We created strong brand and appearance campaigns throughout the market of Greece and Lebanon, and they were both highly successful.


In addition to the new logo, we designed and developed a new website for Downtown Properties Real Estate. We chose a minimal template that clearly represents the list of available properties and enhances the client's work. The new site is easily navigated by users looking for available properties. Also, we made it responsive on any device.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Downtown Properties Real Estate is one of the best and most experienced Real Estate Agencies in Athens. When we first start working with the company we had to face a challenge. The Real Estate Agency needed to reintroduce itself to the market with a brand new name and Logo.

In cooperation with our client, we conducted a beneficial marketing plan for the company. The parts of the plan were: Rebranding – Logo – Google Ads – New Website and Email Marketing. We worked hard on the project and we succeed. Our client has been established again in the market without losing any of his past glory.


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