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After we discussed with our client his digital strategy and the way the new e-shop is going to flourish his business, we created a sitemap, in order to determine the main features, the basic structure, and the functions of the new iPetStore website. We made sure that all points of the user interface, such as buttons, texts, contact forms, slides, etc. create the right aesthetics and layout ensuring an easy and pleasant user experience for the e-shop.

Responsive Design

Now, more than 90% of users use their mobile phones for their online shopping. In addition, responsive design is essential for the organic ranking of the website in search engines (SEO).
We have created for the iPetStore an e-shop friendly to all devices so that our customer is available where his audience is. Also, through Responsive Design, we have strengthened iPetStore's organic presence on Google.

E-shop connection with Megasoft ERP

We connected the iPetStore online store with the Megasoft ERP program. Thus, we gave our customer the opportunity to automate the functions of his e-shop, always providing users with up-to-date data on stocks and available products. In addition, by connecting the online store to the ERP, iPetStore now has a clear picture of its online store, as it receives real-time information and reports.

E-shop in OpenCart CMS

Through the first discussions with our client, we came to the need to upgrade the iPetStore e-shop to OpenCart CMS.
Thus, our client has more options, more freedom of change, and the possibility for necessary conversions on his website that arise over time and the expansion of his business.
The OpenCart CMS proved to be a great choice for the iPetStore and the digital shot that follows.

Easy to use Menu with Icons

We have created for our client a very easy-to-use menu that does not tire the user while browsing the site. In fact, we used representative icons for each category, in order to reduce the time that the average user needs to search for products and we created numerous touch points that lead directly to the cart.
Thus, we increased the purchases and reduced the user browses without a final purchase.

Graphic Design

One category that should not be missing from our customer's new e-shop is ``Shop by Brand`` as most owners trust and are loyal to specific brands for the care of their pets. So we created this index category, where the brands are sorted alphabetically. The users find the brand that they trusts easily and quickly and by clicking on it they browse only the branded products. Therefore, they save time and are more likely to make a purchase.

Digital Marketing Strategy

iPetStore is a new, rapidly growing Brand for pet owners. We cooperated on the development of an E-shop friendly to all screens and search engines so that our client is always available to his audience.


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