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E-shop connection with ERP

We proceeded to the interconnection of our client's e-shop with the ERP bridge he cooperates with. That way, Katsantonis Team Racing managed to automate the functions of the e-shop. Now, the users always see up-to-date data and the availability of products. However, our client benefited from the ERP bridge on a practical level as well. Now he has a clear picture of his online store, receives reports, and controls what happens in the e-shop in real-time.

Upgrade to OpenCart

In our first meeting with the client, we listened to and monitored the challenges of the company's digital presence.
We decided to upgrade the e-shop of Katsantonis Team Racing. The previous one was giving limited possibilities for changes, so we decided that the OpenCart upgrade was what we needed.
We preserved all the products from the old website, so our client to not lose any of the important information he already had.

Responsive Design

More than 85% of users today browse the internet from their mobile phones or tablet. In addition, responsive design is essential for the organic ranking of websites on Google (SEO). Therefore, Katsantonis Team Racing had to be available on every screen. We have created an e-shop, friendly to all screens (H / P, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) so that our customer is available wherever his audience is looking for him. Also, through Responsive Design, we boosted the organic presence on Google.

Megamenu with pictures

Katsantonis Team Racing has a huge variety of products. To enhance the user experience on the e-shop, we created Megamenu with images. When the user places his/her cursor over the ``products`` category, all product categories are displayed with indicative photos to make it easier for the user to navigate. Thus, the user can easily and quickly find what he is looking for without being impatient. The users enjoy their e-shop experience and prefer it for their online shopping.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Katsantonis Team Racing is active in trading spare parts, upgrades, accessories, and motorcycle items. We collaborated to upgrade and optimize the company’s e-shop store.


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