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Brand Identity

After discussing with our client and recording his business plan, his target audience, and the brand image he wants to promote, we created our Dr. Ntagteverenis brand identity.
We focused on promoting the professional status of our client and created his logo using both straight lines that refer to professionalism and more free shapes that give a sense of freedom and intimacy. We also used tones of blue to enhance the calmness that Life Coaching aims for.

Website Development

After we determined the brand identity, we proceeded to the Website development. Its purpose is to increase awareness regarding the provided services and our client's professional training. Colors of the same palette as the Logo were chosen, so that the user perceives the website as a single continuation of Dr. Ntagteverenis's identity. Additionally to the categories, we included ``FAQs`` regarding Life Coaching.

Social Media Set-Up

After analyzing our client's target audience, we chose the appropriate social media that would help Dr. Ntagteverenis to reach this audience in the most effective way. Specifically, we created Facebook and Instagram accounts where based on insights he would have the best chance to reach the ideal audience. Social media has helped our client to increase his recognition and also to reach potential coachees.

Google My Business Account Set-Up

For the needs of our client, we have created a Google My Business account for him to always be present when someone searches for him on Google. In addition, through Google My Business, the organic ranking of the website in search engines is enhanced.
Finally, it was an effective way to increase user traffic to our client's site, which was one of the main goals of our collaboration.

Social Media Ads

The fact that our client does not yet have an established brand image and an audience required to rely on organic content led us to create ads for him on Social Media. We have created advertising campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram, in order to ensure the greatest reach for our client. Through those ads, we managed to increase his recognition as a Life Coach Professional and reach more visitors on both our client's social media accounts and on his website.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Dr. Dagteverenis is a Life Coach and provides Services that offer Support and Personal Empowerment. We collaborated on the design and implementation of his Brand Image in the digital world by creating for him a brand identity, building a website, setting up business accounts on Social Media and Google My Business, and advertising on Social Media.


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