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Website Update

Our collaboration with Scent Plus focuses primarily on creating and maintaining for our client a strong digital brand image.
That's why we worked on updating the website - one of the key elements of every company's digital presence.
We created a responsive website for all screens, user- and search engines - friendly that maintains the prestige and corporate image of Scent Plus.

Social Media

We collaborated with Scent Plus to create a strong social media presence where its audience is - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Our goal on social media is to increase the brand's recognizability and interaction with the company's ideal audience.
Our strategy brought excellent results and obviously benefited the overall corporate strategy.

Social Media Ads

We have been able to effectively reach the target audience of Scent Plus with Reach and Engagement ads on Facebook and Instagram. The company gained recognition and prestige in the digital world, which was one of its main goals. The social media ads of the company are quite successful, since we managed the company to reach its audience and get engaged with it.

Email Marketing

Based on the goals and the Scent Plus' audience we decides that Email Marketing would highly benefit our client. To this end, we created email campaigns for promotions and other communication efforts reaching existing and potential customers. Email Marketing performed successfully for the company. In addition to enhancing the prestige of Scent Plus, we also improved website traffic.

Google Ads

When we started our cooperation with Scent Plus, its digital presence was still limited. With Google ads, the company managed in a short time to strengthen its presence and become competitive in the digital world. We used Remarketing techniques to reach potential customers and Brand Campaigns, for Scent Plus to always rank first when someone searches for it on Google.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Scent Plus operates in the field of Sensory Marketing. Our collaboration with the company focused on increasing its recognition and prestige, engaging with the target audience, and boosting its revenue.




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