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Custom Design E-shop

Based on the needs of Sensations, we designed a custom E-shop from scratch. The experienced team of web designers of Webout created the sitemap of the new e-shop, defining its main elements, structure, and functions.
Our main goal was for all the interface points of the e-shop to be self-evident and to ensure an easy, pleasant, and efficient experience for the user. We ensured that our client will not lose potential buyers due to technical problems with its website.

Responsive Design

Most online users today use their mobile phones for their online shopping. In addition, responsive design is essential for the organic ranking of each website in search engines (SEO). Therefore, we made sure that our client would not be left behind. We created for Sensations a custom e-shop, friendly to all screens (H / P, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) so that our client is available wherever the audience is.
Also, through Responsive Design, we have improved the organic presence of Sensations in Google.

Social Media

After discussing with our client the ideal target audience for his business as well as his business plan, we proceeded to the management of Sensations accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, where based on the market insights, our client would have the best chances to reach their customers. We created compelling content and significantly increased both the reach and interaction with the target audience.
In addition, the presence of our client on social media increased the visits to the e-shop through referral links.

Google Ads

We created ads on Google to boost website sales. Google Ads made Sensations competitive in the digital world and significantly increased online sales. We created a brand campaign so that the website ranks first on google every time users search for it. In addition, we created a Shopping Campaign and search keywords-based Campaign, in order to increase sales and potential customers as well as Local Store Visits to accurately measure the physical store conversions that resulted from Google ads.


We created a blog, so that Sensations is established in the minds of users as not just a typical sex shop but as a luxury shop with no taboos, where the customers feel comfortable. In addition, the blog helped to improve the ranking of the e-shop in search engines. Webout's experienced copywriters' team created content based on Google's most popular keywords in our client's field. That way, more users got to know the business, Sensations ranking on Google pages improved and e-shop visits increased.

Custom Design Product Pages

After analyzing our customer's industry, we created custom product pages for the needs of the new e-shop. Our main concern was for the result to be user-friendly, not to confuse the average customer.
Webout's designers and developers created from scratch product pages, that meet customer requirements, answer their questions, and highlight products in the best way.

GIF Product Images

After defining the ideal target audience, our team created the strategy and individual tactics for Sensations to interact with. Among other things, we created GIFs for the products that our client wanted to promote more in the e-shop, in order to attract the users' attention and arouse their interest. We decided the GIFs should be youthful to attract younger customers. GIFs were very successful as sales of their products increased significantly.

Category Filters

Sensations has a huge variety of products and so, we worked to create product categories in a way that is functional for every user. Thus, we created 9 category filters based on (1) the price, (2) the manufacturer, (3) the power supply, (4) the vibration, (5) the diameter, (6) the color, (7) the length, (8) the material and (9) the product tags. Thus, users can easily search for the products that interest them based on the specific criteria he has set.

Live Chat

Our team created for Sensations, a Live Chat on the e-shop, which allows each user to communicate in real-time with the company, ask questions, and be informed about products that interest them.
In this way, we enhanced Sensations' interaction with its customers and reduced the pre-purchase cart abandonment rate that often occurs due to a lack of communication with the business when shopping online.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Sensations is the only Luxury sex toys retail store in Athens. Our collaboration aimed at creating and maintaining the corporate image of the company in the digital world by creating a custom design, responsive e-shop, targeted advertising, social media management, and other communication practices that resulted in the creation of a strong, recognizable brand in the digital world.


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