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Custom Design based on European Company

Standard Hidraulica Hellas' website was designed entirely from scratch based on the existing website of the Spanish parent company, which was the model for the design and development of the Greek site.
We created the sitemap, to ensure the effectiveness and self-evidence of the final form of the site for the average user.
Our team worked on the creation of the custom Website and managed to achieve its ease of use and efficiency despite the complexity of its development.

Custom Product Categories

After we studied our client's field of specialization as well as the Spanish model on which he asked us to rely on, we created custom categories and subcategories of products for the needs of the new website.
From the very beginning of our cooperation with Standard Hidraulica Hellas, our main concern was the result to be user-friendly, not to tire or confuse the average customer.
The team of Webout created the product categories from scratch, to follow a logical flow and to help the user to navigate the site easily and efficiently.

Dynamic Distributor Search Map - 2 languages

We have created for our client a dynamic distributor search map in both Greek and English. More specifically, the search map we developed for Standard Hidraulica displays real-time results, enabling the users to find the nearest distributor easily and quickly wherever they are.
When the user selects the location that serves him/her, a tab with the selected distributor's details is displayed, so that the customer can communicate with him easily and efficiently.

Dynamic Search and product display

For companies with a wide range of different products and codes, the dynamic search and display of products on the website is essential, so that the user has an effective navigation on the site and finds what he/she is looking for. Our team created a dynamic search system for the website of Standard Hidraulica, so that when the user is typing the first letters in the search bar, relevant results are displayed and the customer finds exactly what he/she is looking for in the shortest time possible.

Custom Dynamic products' applications display

Our team worked on the design of the dynamic display of the applications of Standard Hidraulica products. Our goal was to create illustrations that explain exactly the points of the space for which each product is intended. Thus, the average user can understand exactly the products use and functionality without previous knowledge in the field of plumbing. So, our client creates satisfied online customers who prefer its website for future purchases.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Standard Hidraulica (STH) was founded in 1975 in Spain and is active in the field of connection and control of plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom faucets. Standard Hidraulica Hellas joined the group in 2020. Our collaboration focused on designing and developing a custom website, based on the Spanish standard, which would enable the customer of Standard Hidraulica Hellas to easily find what he is looking for while maintaining every detail of the Spanish company.


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