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Logo Design

We collaborated with our client for the design and implementation of the Valkyrja brand logo. Together we decided to make the logo in a linear design, with thin lines in the neutral colors of black and white.
The end result fully corresponds to the brand image that our client wants to communicate to the target audience. Specifically, the logo is simple, embodying the genuine elegance and modern aesthetics of the brand's clothes.

E-shop Development

After a discussion with our client, we came up with the appropriate theme for the E-shop that highlights the brand's aesthetics while giving users the practical information they need. We configured the e-shop for the needs of Valkyrja so that the colors match the brand, the categories and subcategories of the e-shop meet the requirements of our client and the user can easily and quickly find the information needed to proceed with the purchase.

Responsive Design

The new e-shop we created for Valkyrja is friendly to all screens and search engines. Now, more than 90% of users connect online through their mobile phones. Also, for the best organic ranking of websites in Google, the search engine evaluates, among other things, the parameter of their Responsive design. The Webout team delivered a responsive e-shop to Valkyrja so that customers can connect to it from any screen they are on.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Valkyrja is a new, rapidly growing brand in the field of women’s apparel. We collaborated to create the brand Logo and to create a highly functional, responsive e-shop that highlights the aesthetics of our client and is practical for the users.


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