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Product Photography

Take advantage of the power of Visual Marketing

Photos and videos at your business place.

Take thematic photos and videos, depicting all the products and services of each company. Photos can be used on Social Media but also on promotional media, both natural and digital.

Panoramic shooting using Drone

Capture the outdoor areas of the business, through the professional handling of the newest PhantomDrones models, and create impressive Videos, VideoStills, and photos, which are integrated in the occasional promotional activities of each company.


Full editing and aesthetic editing of photos and videos

Final processing and evaluation of the produced material, in order to select excellent shots and snapshots, which will compose a coherent, and perfectly aesthetic, result, commensurate with the prestige of your Brand.

Professional Photography


Business Photography


Storefront Photography


Product Photography


Individual Photography

E-shop Product Photography

Professional photography of your products is the A and the Z for a successful eshop. The customer’s psychology changes completely when he sees a distorted photo, but he will never buy a product that does not have a photo!

We provide the most suitable solution to present and sell your products through E-shop and printed catalogs. We take clear and sharp photos of the products on a white or black background, in transparency and in concept.

Photographing Products with transparency

Slides can be added to any photo allowing the image to be used on a different background. In Webout we find the right angle from which your product should be photographed so you can combine it with any background you decide to use, such as the image shown here.

Hero Product Photography

A good logo will last for many decades without having to be redesigned. The most successful logos of all time have managed to stay the same over time, or with minimal modifications and variations. Popular, design trends usually do the opposite, and many companies fall into the trap of often having to replace their short-term logos, which means losing money and readability. ,of their business.

What is Hero product photography

Hero Photography

Hero photos are delivered in extremely high resolution.

How much bigger are the pictures?
Taking photos at 36 megapixels, each image has a size of 7360 × 4912 pixels. It is essentially 4 times larger than the classic size to achieve the maximum possible purity. The final prints are up to 24 “at 300 DPI or 48” at 150 DPI.

The extra “touch”?
Often, the original products and samples have imperfections and are not representative of the final product. Heroshoots go beyond the standard product photography service and fix bugs that we do not want to appear such as crooked labels, wrong seams, mold, lined gaps, damaged corners in boxes and more.


In what case you need a hero photography?

We suggest you to photograph hero mainly for the basic product photos of your E-shop or Catalog. We also recommend it in any case where the image must be extremely high resolution and intended for product packaging or advertising.

Ghost Clothing Photography

A worn garment often has imperfections. Using special techniques, clothing can be photographed on a doll that is then removed to create what professionals call a “Ghost”. It is a good solution used in photography of clothes. When sending clothes, it is recommended to choose medium sizes, if possible.

Photographing Transparent Products

Transparent products such as plastic – glass cups and packaging plastics can greatly complicate the realistic depiction of your products. In Webout we process each photo until we achieve the desired result.

Do you need outsanding product photos?

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