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Brand Identity

Brand identity is an integral part of the success of a business.
Accounting Group is a reliable partner for modern businesses, providing comprehensive accounting support.
In collaboration with our client, we managed to create a dynamic brand identity that provides prestige and credibility to the Brand as it is the first impression one has when is searching for a brand.

Corporate Website

We have created an awareness Website that embodies the necessary professionalism for an accounting company.
The Website contains all the services and the necessary information for the visitor, but without being neither tiring nor confusing.
The structure and aesthetics chosen represent the Brand, making it stand out from the competition.

Content Marketing

The messages on a Website are important and play a key role in the success of the page. In collaboration with the Accounting Group, we created the appropriate messages for each service in detail. Particular emphasis was given to clarity and prestige. On the home page, we made sure that there are plenty of clear and distinct Call-To-Action buttons and headings for easy navigation of the user.


The competition in the accounting industry is quite high. One way to make a business stand out with its website is SEO.
By creating the page we applied the best SEO practices for an awareness Website.
In addition to writing messages that follow SEO Guidelines, we have enriched the Website with blogposts that play a crucial role.

Digital Marketing Strategy

But how does a relatively new Brand stand out in a competitive industry? Creating a structured and new-age awareness website is of course the basis of digital growth for the business but not the only way to stand out. We made sure to offer our client a complete digital marketing strategy by creating not only his website but also the necessary promotional channels on both Social Media and Google. We created Business Social Media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we registered the business in Google My Business ensuring that the business will be there when someone searches for it. It is important for a business to have a complete digital presence so that it can be competitive and creditworthy.


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