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We have created for our client a dynamic Website based on the business needs. The site is easy-to-browse and friendly to all devices so that Courier4u can be available to all users logging via any device. The main challenge - which was successfully accomplished - was for the site to be fast and easy to navigate in order not to be confusing or tiring to its users.

Content Strategy

After analyzing our client's brand identity, purpose, and goals, Webout's experienced team of copywriters worked to create content that reflected Courier4u's values and brand image.
In fact, we strategically planned and developed keywords and keyphrases for all the texts we wrote, in order to enhance the organic ranking of the website in Google search pages.

Tracking Program

One of the most important features we have incorporated into the Courier4u website was the tracking program, which allows users to quickly and easily search for their parcels at any time.
This feature has given Courier4u the credibility and competitiveness that every company needs in the digital world.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Courier4u company has been active in the field of courier transport since 1999, covering the full range of transport needs both within Greece and in the International Shipping Services.
We collaborated with Courier4u to create its digital brand image by building a Responsive Website incorporating a tracking program, to enhance our customer’s dynamic presence in the digital era.


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