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Social Media

We used Social Media platforms - specifically Facebook & Instagram, to catch the attention of Coffelovers with amazing photos, Loud content - Blogging, and professional videos. With Giveaways, we've been able to gain new followers and increase interaction on social media platforms by 60%. In addition, we used Facebook & Instagram Ads to promote and establish Il Toto as a dynamic and up-and-coming Franchise Chain.

Google Ads

Google Ads has enabled the Brand to grow into a franchise company and target the business community. We followed a targeted and well-thought-out strategy to achieve the ultimate goals of the company. By creating a Brand Campaign we ensured that our ad appears every time a user searches for Il Toto on Google. In addition, we targeted the audience that has already interacted with the website, using Remarketing techniques.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been part of our Digital Strategy. Our team of professional copywriters has done a great job at Coffee Blogging for IL TOTO Roastery. Last year, we managed not only to strengthen the brand in the Coffee Market, but also to create a large community that visits the Blog and shares the posts. Content Marketing has helped the brand communicate its product to more people and gain new loyal followers.

Packaging Design

In communication with our client, we decided that it was time to refresh the Brand image by designing new packaging for coffee and capsules. We designed and created a Fresh packaging using 3 amazing colors of the white spectrum. We used colors, shapes, textures, images, and content in a harmonious and balanced way. The new design enabled the brand to flourish and gain new customers following the industry's trends.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Il Toto Roastery is an upcoming Franchise Specialty Coffee company. When we started our partnership, we designed and followed a personalized digital marketing strategy for the brand’s needs. The primary goal was to establish Il Toto as one of the most emerging Franchise companies in the industry. Today, only 2 years later, Il Toto has managed to open 40 Franchise Roasteries throughout Attica and plans to expand its operations abroad soon.


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