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Google Ads

With continuous and coordinated effort we managed our client to be one of the most popular renovation companies in Athens. In 2020, we managed - with the same budget - to increase the clicks from 13K to 32.2K and the CPC from € 0.36 in 2019 to €0.15. The strategy we followed in Google Ads managed to successfully increase the company's clientele but also to make Inhouse Group famous in the renovation industry


With the targeted and structured SEO strategy we follow, we have carried out a total optimization of the company's website.
The site now appears in the first page of Google in organic searches for more than 1000 different keywords per month.
In more than 100 keywords, that include the word 'renovation', the website ranks 1st in organic Google results.


Since the beginning of our cooperation with Inhouse Group, the client's website has been redesigned twice,
as we strongly believe that the site must evolve as the company does so.
The final result is a modern search engine-friendly and easy-to-use Site that the audience navigate pleasantly.
We chose a minimal design that represents both the brand image and personality and embodies the high aesthetics of our client.

Professional Photography

One of the most important elements for a renovation company is the good photography of their completed projects. Our professional team of photographers and video creators takes high-quality photos of every completed project of the company highlighting the changes in the homes after the renovation by Inhouse Group is completed. Photos are also used in Google Ads.

Digital Marketing Strategy

InHouse Group is a well-known renovation company based in Athens. Our client decided to upgrade the digital appearance of his company and he chose Webout as his Digital Partner. In 2019, we started with a 3month digital marketing plan and our partnership continues until now. Today, Inhouse Group is one of the most successful renovation companies in Athens. We manage to increase our client’s revenue using a wide range of digital media. We designed a minimal and clear website for the company and increased its clients by 40% using 360 Google Ads Campaigns.


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