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Social Media

We undertook Megasystems' digital presence on Social Media platforms, where its audience is; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
The main goal of our Social Media Strategy is to increase the brand's reach and awareness but also the engagement with the target audience. Our strategy has brought excellent results in reaching the intended audience as well as in the company's sales.

Social Media Ads

Our experienced team implemented Reach, Engagement, and Conversions ads on Facebook and Instagram to effectively reach and engage with the target audience and to increase sales in the company's e-shop.
The ads on the company's social media platforms remain until now a very successful tool for the brand since they provide the best results at minimum cost.

Website Update

From the beginning of our collaboration with Megasystems, we managed to create a consistent and strong online brand image for the company.
One of the most important steps towards Megasystems digital transformation was the Website's update. Our goal was to create a website that is responsive to all screens, easy-to-use while it maintains the prestige and stature of Megasystems.

Anniversary Microsite

2022 was a special year for Megasystems since the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. As part of the anniversary strategy, we created a search engine-friendly microsite, in which the user learns more about Megasystems, stays informed about progress and developments in the field.
The purpose of the Microsite is to promote the company and increase its reach and reputation.

Newsletter Campaigns

After we analyzed the goals, strategy, and target audience of Megasystems, we came up with the idea of creating Newsletter Campaigns for promotions and other communication efforts towards the existing customers of Megasytems. In this way, not only we strengthened the company's relationship with its customers but we also improved the Website's traffic and the e-shop sales.

Google Ads

Although Megasystems has been a leading company in its field for 30 years, its digital presence has remained limited. Advertising in Google Ads has given the company the boost to grow and become highly competitive in the digital world. We used Remarketing techniques and created Brand Campaigns so that Megasystems is always there when someone searches for it on Google.


Aiming both to enhance the reputation and awareness of Megasystems as a prodigy in its field and to improve its website ranking in search engines, we have created content and articles relevant to the field of Megasystems' expertise. In this way, users meet the company and recognize it as one of the most reputable while at the same time, Megasystems' ranking on Google pages improves.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Megasystems is among the most famous Scent Marketing companies in Europe. We worked together to create a strong digital presence. The digital strategy we followed aimed at increasing the company’s reach, awareness, and engagement with the target audience. Also, it had great results in boosting sales.


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