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E-shop Development

After discussions with our client about the goals and the brand image of Natural Growth, we came up with the appropriate theme for the E-shop that matches the aesthetics and the image of the Brand while providing users with the practical information they need. We have configured the e-shop so that the colors match the brand, the categories and subcategories of the e-shop meet the needs of our client and the users can easily find the information they need while navigating through the e-shop.

Responsive Design

The new e-shop we created is friendly to all screens and search engines.
Now, more than 90% of users connect to the internet and complete their online shopping via mobile phones. Also, for the best organic ranking of websites in Google, the search engine evaluates, among other things, the parameter of their Responsive design. Natural Growth could not be left behind. The e-shop is fully functional and friendly to all screens so that customers can connect to it from any device.

Graphic Design

Visual stimuli play a big role in purchasing decisions. So, for the needs of our client, we designed graphic content in the appropriate sizes, to be used in e-shop Banners.
We made sure that each design fully corresponds to the brand image that our client wants to communicate to his audience, and matches the colors and style of Natural Growth. We also designed the graphic content in a way that catches the users' attention, in order to ensure the best results for our client's performance.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Natural Growth is a new, rapidly growing Brand. We cooperated on the development of an E-shop friendly to all screens and search engines so that our client is always available to his audience whenever he searches online.


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