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Website Development: #4 Reasons to Trust a Digital Agency



“Why should I trust a Digital Agency to build my website and not do it myself”?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions about web development today.

It is true that there are now – even free – platforms that provide users with ready-made templates for creating websites.
And it is also true that for small and medium-sized businesses usually ready-made templates work effectively and can bring the desired results to the goals of each brand.

Now, we all live in a digital environment and feel familiar with the internet tools.
But is one googling and five tutorials on YouTube enough to build the website that will be your “brand image” in the digital world?



Let’s take a look at the #4 main reasons why website development remains a job for experts…


#1 Each to his own!

We all know how to read and write but not all of us are writers!

The recipe for success for any business is for everyone to do what they do best.

Building a website based on a template may seem like an easy task, but it is still a time-consuming one!
Especially if you are trying to do it for the first time!


A Digital Agency has the right team of people, with knowledge and experience, each of whom specializes in a specific part of the site!
For example, the creation of an interface that is friendly to all devices and the creation of content – graphics and texts – are done by different professionals with studies and expertise in their own fields.

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“Medium” knowledge brings mediocre results. To achieve the maximum for your business website, trust the experts in the specific field.


#2 The Importance of Branding

Branding is one of the most important parts of promoting your business in the digital world.


Your website should function as an extension of your business and not independently.
The Logo, the color palette, the fonts and the graphics used on the website must give a single image by properly integrating the guidelines of your business.


Your personal aesthetics will play a huge role in creating a unified branding on your website, but it is the expertise of the professionals that will help you communicate your corporate identity and image correctly on your site.

A Digital Agency team has the knowledge and experience to know what works best and what doesn’t, what layout of information will bring the best results, what communication strategies your competitors are following, and how effective they are. Also, a Digital Agency can “run” various tests of your site before it goes public on the internet to identify any conflicts or failures.


#3 The importance of customization

Now, internet users are more demanding than ever before! They want specific information and they want it now!

Recent Google research has shown that users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!


In fact, websites that are slow to load as well as those that are not friendly to all screens fail to appear on the first pages of Google. The above procedures are technical issues with which – even in websites based on ready-made templates – developers deal!
In addition, as we mentioned above, to strengthen the branding, customization in colors, etc. should definitely be made while extensions and plugins may also be needed.

Maybe for the average internet user, these terms are incomprehensible or messy, but surely, a Digital Agency comes knows exactly what to do!



web development webout 1#4 The importance of Web Support

By entrusting the development of your website to a Digital Agency, you can be certain that you will have professionals by your side at all times, to solve problems that may arise on your site, advise you and guide you regarding your next steps.


The Website Support service covers all those necessary technical parts of managing a website that lies behind the smooth operation of your site.


A Digital Agency has the expertise to manage crises that may arise such as site downtime or hacker attacks!




The development of a website – even based on a template – does not end once it is uploaded online.

Instead, it should be treated as a living online creation that is constantly evolving and needs ongoing care to grow properly!



Therefore, cooperation with a Digital Agency for the construction of your website is essential!




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