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product photography

Product photography: The importance of good photography in e-commerce

E-commerce is clearly more dependent on photography than any other type of sales platform. An E-shop escapes the traditional shopping experience. Buyers cannot test or review the product they are interested in before purchasing through the online store.

The reason why photography is so important is because people get better visual stimuli than a simple description, no matter how accurate.

A photograph of a product for Eshop must meet the requirements of a product on which the buyer would rely to choose it in a physical store. The quality of the photo should be good enough to lead the buyer to add it to the shopping cart. Every salesperson should aim for the best possible product. The presentation of the product through a quality photo allows an e-commerce retailer to add value to the product.


But what happens when a customer is confronted with two identical products, with identical prices on separate sites? What drives the buyer to choose the product is usually the quality of the photo used to highlight it. By nature, people tend to choose objects that look good to them visually. Therefore, the conclusion is that a good photo can entice and “sell” more!


How can we maximize the potential of an e-commerce photo?

  1. Don’t underestimate the value of simplicity. We want things to look airy, elegant and minimal. A strong and clean photographic style creates a statement that is louder than a product. Such an image can also help increase the value of your products and your brand as a whole.
  2. Do not forget the picture frame and background. A simple setting allows the focus to stay on the product.
  3. Keep in mind the design of your website when preparing a product photo. Photos should match the overall structure of your Site.
  4. Use high resolution photos as much as possible. This not only makes the product stand out better, but also provides the ability to add a detailed zoom function to the website.



Invest in the power of good product photography as a key component of your e-commerce program. Consider finding and investing in the project with a reputable photographer, in whom you can clearly describe your ideas for your online store.

At Webout we consider your vision, your worries, your goals and your satisfaction becomes our main aim. For this reason, we provide the service of product photography, in order to make your path to success more passable. We work with top photographers of their kind. We strongly believe that the right promotion of your product is an important factor in the success of your business!
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