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What is Google Consent Mode V2?


What is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode is a tool created by Google to help website owners comply with the requirements set by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Originally released to the public in 2020, Consent Mode allowed websites to implement user consent options using different ads or data analytics depending on their preferences.

It works through the banner cookie or the privacy graphic embedded in each website. Without these signals, Google cannot track user data or e-commerce transactions or perform personalisation. By doing so, the user chose to accept or reject the recording of their data by Analytics.


Let’s now look at the evolution to Google Consent Mode v2 and how it can impact your business.


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How it works


Google Consent Mode v2 is the evolution of the previous consent mode and from March 2024, websites will have to comply with this updated EU consent policy for personalised advertising.


Through advanced consent signals, website owners can determine the appropriate level of data processing based on users’ consent preferences. This helps reduce potential privacy breaches and unconventional data use, ensuring user trust and website compliance with regulations.


In addition, Google Consent Mode v2 offers enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities to help website owners effectively monitor and control consent preferences and cookie usage. This includes detailed information on user consent rates, cookie behavior and compliance status, allowing website owners to make informed decisions about optimizing user experiences and data practices.







What does it mean for website owners or administrators?


By leveraging the features and benefits of Google Consent Mode v2, website owners can enhance user trust, transparency and control over data use, creating a privacy-focused and more user-friendly online environment for their visitors.





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How we can help


Our company can help you to fully harmonize your website with Google Consent Mode v2, by activating a new mechanism for accepting cookies (banner cookies), while upgrading all scripts related to Google services.






Google Consent Version 2 implementation by Wordmark 1

• Google Analytics
• Google Ads (Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
• Google Tag Manager

We use only Google Certified Consent Tools – CMP

  • Full support for the Google Version 2 consent mode.
  • For websites and eshop.
  • Use of built-in cookie tracker.

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