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SEO: The No1 long-lasting digital tactic



The importance of SEO for your website!


In the digital era, a multitude of new terms and specializations have been created that the general public often finds difficult to understand their function as well as importance.

Among other things, SEO!

Whether your business is taking its first steps into the digital world or you’re already in it, you’ve surely come across the term SEO – perhaps even the full form of the term Search Engine Optimization – but do you really understand what it is or how it works?


Let’s see together…


What is SEO?

As we mentioned above, SEO is an acronym for the term “Search Engine Optimization”.
We can describe it as an umbrella term, which covers a huge range of digital tactics, concerning the way in which your site is perceived by search engines.
In short, the tactics involved in SEO boost your site’s ranking in search engines like Google, and increase the visibility, performance, and sales of your website!



How does SEO function?

SEO strategy is not done arbitrarily or randomly. Instead, it includes a multitude of tactics that will help the overall image of your website.
For example, even if your site’s traffic is at an acceptable level, you may need to aim for better quality audiences and more sales.


SEO for E-commerce businesses includes optimizations for just that!


You can optimize the quality and relevance of your site’s content, design, backlinks, photos, and page load time, see which of your pages have the highest bounce rates, and take corrective actions.
You should always remember that for search engines online users are the most valuable players!

Therefore, if you want to rank on the first pages of Google, the content of your site should be fully relevant to the searches of online users.


How can a Digital Agency help your business?

The technical parts that we have described and which are the essence of Support require not only time but also particular knowledge!

In addition, the Digital Agency team is knowledgeable and has the experience needed to properly see through any crisis that may seem like a disaster to you – such as a website outage or a hacker attack.
The best practice in dealing with such issues is to take a proactive approach to website support, constantly monitoring and checking your website for updates and bugs.

What is more, the layout of the pages as well as the waiting time for their loading should be specific. Recent research, in fact, has shown that the average user abandons the website if it does not respond for more than 9 seconds.


seoContent & Keywords: the king and queen of SEO

Quality content is the foundation of any site’s SEO strategy.

Content is what search engines will scan to evaluate if your site is what it states it is!

As Carolyn Lyden, Lead SEO at Search Hermit, emphasizes, “You need to create content for the website in the same way you would explain it on the phone“, that is, we must always keep in mind that the website is addressed to real people and not to robots!

The keywords you use must match both the content of your pages and the audience’s searches!



Why is SEO so important?

After analyzing what SEO is and how it works, let’s see why it is so important for your website!


Increase of Sales

Research regarding consumer behavior has shown that 81% of online users today use Google for their initial market research without even having specific brands in mind in the first place.
This is exactly where your opportunity lies with SEO strategy!
If you have properly optimized your site, Google will rank you in the first relevant results and online users – who already have the intention to buy – will visit your site, get to know you, and – why not – prefer you!


Now you might be thinking that this is exactly what Google ads do – so what’s the point?

Regarding this, there are two counterarguments that will make you think about it!

First, the average internet user prefers organic results over ads. This, of course, does not mean that Google Ads does not offer great results to small, medium, and large businesses.


Extra Tip: Especially for mobile searches, where due to the small size of the screen, fewer search results appear, the combination of an ad and an organic result for your business is extremely effective, since your website will be the only result on the user’s screen before he scrolls down.

Second, Google ads perform best when the user knows what they want to buy and searches for it with specific keywords!

For those cases where the search is vaguer or the user is doing market research, SEO can pay off!


Building domain authority

The term domain authority describes the degree to which search engines rank your website as reliable and safe and recommend it to users when they make relevant searches.
SEO tactics play a major role in building authority for your site and should never be overlooked!


SEO: Optimization always has a positive impact!

With a quick look at Google today, you’ll notice that the results have one thing in common: they put the user and their needs as the #1 priority!

SEO enables your website to move in that direction!


Although the results of SEO are long-term and come gradually, they are definitely worth the wait!

In fact, in combination with other types of digital marketing, such as Google Ads, they create an overall multi-speed strategy with spectacular results for all types of businesses!



Today there are excellent quality tools and applications – paid and free – that are used to improve the quality of websites.

In most cases, the problem that arises is not finding the right tool, but finding the technical knowledge, time, and expertise needed for the right and comprehensive SEO strategy to be done that will bring the best results and will “bond” with the rest of your digital actions!


In Wordmark 1, we know how important SEO is for a website and we have the knowledge and experience to create together the right SEO strategy for your business!

Trust the Experts! If you want to be on Top contact us.


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