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Business Automation: Your Online Success gets on Autopilot!



Business Automation: Why is it important for the future of your business?



business automation

Now, there is a multitude of digital media and tools that can help any business manage its tasks and data easily and efficiently while automating complex processes.

According to relevant research, companies that implement the automation of their processes in various sectors have seen excellent results due to the high level of work organization, which positively affects both the company’s employees and the end consumers.

In the field of Marketing, there is the “marketing automation” term which refers to the existence of specially configured software on websites, which replaces repetitive processes by simplifying the management of goods and customer service.




Automation systems that are just for you!


E-shop connection with ERP

In simple words, ERP works as a bridge connector for the computerization of the company’s internal processes and brings advantages to both the company and its customers.


What are the benefits?


#1 Real-time data

The connection allows the E-shop customers to monitor the actual availability of the products at the time they are looking for them as well as the status and progress of their order.

This immediacy results in the user’s experience is optimized and their satisfaction with the business increasing.


# 2 Limited admin involvement

Since functions and processes are automatically updated through the e-shop connection to the ERP, the need for manual data entry by the administrator is significantly reduced and at the same time, possible errors that would otherwise potentially occur are reduced.


# 3 Effective Control of the company

Through the connection of the e-shop with the ERP, the entrepreneur has an overall picture of his e-shop, with factual data in real-time that he/she can evaluate and compare with the competition.



CRM Customer Management System

Happy customers will become your loyal audience. In a highly competitive digital world full of choices, what will make you stand out is the relationship you create with your audience. CRM software is exactly what you need!


How does it work?


#1 Central Database

The software creates a central database with the details of all your customers, giving you an overall picture of each user, accessible to you in real-time.


#2 Customer Analysis

CRM analyzes your customer interaction history for you so that you can fully understand their needs, wants, and intentions and create personalized options and targeted campaigns.


#3 Marketing Automation

The system creates for your customers integrated experiences and for you easy, automated functions that free your hands! Through this technology, your customers are happy to receive updates and offers only on products and services that really interest them, and the CRM lets you know when it’s the right time to follow up with a potential customer.


What are the benefits?

This is a WIN-WIN situation.

Your audience receives personalized solutions that perfectly fit their needs. This increases trust in your company and happy customers who choose you again and speak positively about you. In addition, through customer analytics, you can create targeted marketing strategies and achieve maximum results without “wasting” budget on uninterested audiences.


Automation for small & medium businesses

The immediate goal of every company – no matter how big or small – is to secure a competitive position in the market and increase its revenue.


Leveraging automation technology will help you achieve these goals in the digital world.
Any business that decides to operate online needs to be able to “read” and manage the wealth of data and information it produces.


In addition, online users today want to build relationships of trust and have extremely simple and fast experiences on the websites they use, which do not confuse or tire them.

The online audience wants personalized solutions, a fast pace, and does not forgive mistakes and oversights!


For all of the above, automation is the key to your success!
Don’t be left behind.



In Wordmark 1, we know how important the automation is for your business.

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