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Customer Reviews: the key to your business’ success

Customer reviews: People trust them, and companies need to encourage them.



customer reviews weboutWhy are customer reviews important to your business?

Many companies focusing on the quality of their products and services often overlook the importance of customer reviews. Thus, they lose valuable feedback for their business, and one of the most effective channels, to increase both the credibility and prestige of their business and the sales of each product or service.

Potential customers seek the opinions of those who have already bought when they themselves are in market research. In fact, the higher the value of the product/service they are thinking of buying, the greater the dilemma they enter into and therefore, the greater the importance they place on the evaluations of the company’s existing customers.

Knowing the pros and cons of the product/service firsthand – by people who have already completed a purchase – and not just by advertising campaigns and salespeople is what really makes the difference. In a survey, 72% of respondents said they rely on customer reviews to decide whether to buy from a company or not while 15% of them would never trust a company without any reviews.


# 4 types of reviews your business should look for.


# 1 Evaluation of the whole business

This type of evaluation gives feedback on the performance of the whole business. Customers take into account various factors, such as customer service experience, employee behavior, prices, etc. Thus, the company is able to observe and decode exactly how its customers perceive it, what it does well and what needs improvement. On the other hand, potential customers are able to get to know you and trust you.


# 2 Product Evaluation

We have all read reviews on mobile phones, clothes, shoes, home appliances … and the list never ends!

Even if your company’s technical description of a product/service is very detailed, even if you attach certifications for effective operation, the consumer will always seek the opinion of someone like him – with the same concerns and needs that the opinion says of having nothing to gain.

This is why customer product reviews are so important to your business.


# 3 Brief Quote Reviews on Your Website

In our time, every business is intertwined with its digital presence. If a potential customer wants to get to know you, the first thing they will “scan” will be your website.

Is there a better place, then, to show off your customers’ trust?

Ratings on your website will add prestige and credibility to your business, as your audience will think “if so many people trust that particular business, why not me”?


# 4 Customer reviews on third-party websites

Depending on the industry in which your business operates, you can receive reviews on various websites, such as Trip Advisor. In any case, your Google my Business account can perform as a magnet for customer rerviews and boost both your brand image and sales.


Positive Reviews: How to find satisfied customers?

Asking your customers to evaluate your business performance may seem simple, but how easy is it to ask for a positive review?

The good thing is that you do not need to find happy customers but create them!

Show them how much you care about their experience with your business. You can achieve this both with an email campaign to your most valuable customers and with social media posts thanking your audience for their positive comments.
As for Facebook, make sure the review tab is prominently displayed on your profile so that your followers can easily find it when they search for it.

Finally, wait for the right time to request the evaluation from your customers. Everyone wants a period of time to fully understand their experience and to be able to evaluate it objectively. Do not rush to ask for the review before your customers have reached this point because you may upset them.


Quick Tip

Even negative reviews are important and can build trust for your business.

It is important that your response is friendly and humane and highlights your business’s genuine empathy for the audience and their concerns.



In Wordmark 1, we know how important customer reviews are.

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